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Services - Pet Sitting Company in Centreville, VA

Services - Pet Sitting Company in Centreville, VA

Mid-Day Dog Walks...

Agape Pet Care can help you with your hectic schedule! A daily walk and playtime will give your dog fresh air and attention while you are away at work. Our mid-day visits are customized to your dog's individual needs. The visit includes the necessary potty time, plus a long walk or play/cuddle time. You will receive a daily diary of each visit. We use positive encouragement training techniques with all our dogs. Visits are 20-30 minutes long.

Mid-day walks include: Key benefits:
Lots of love, attention and hugs
A long walk and/or playtime
Fresh water and treats
Petting and/or brushing
Peace of mind
A tired dog is a CONTENT dog! A CONTENT    dog is a HAPPY dog!
You can work late or go out after work    without rushing home

Cat Sitting...

We come to you! Your cats are always more comfortable in their own home where their routine is not disturbed. We can also administer medications and insulin injections. Our pet visits are 30 minutes long and include:

Cat Sitting
Lots of love and petting
Fresh water and feeding
Litter box scooped each visit
Brushing and/or playtime
Alternate lights and blinds
Bring in mail and newspaper
Cat Care in Centreville ,VA

Contact us to schedule mid-day dog walks or cat sitting services. We will keep your pet happy and comfortable in their own home.